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Johann Hamann’s “Anti-Philosophy”


The word anti means pro if one can afford to look from outside.
There is nothing to be against but a lot to be changed…

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I recently ran across this quote from Hamann on Wikiquote:

Let us assume that we invited an unknown person to a game of cards. If this person answered us, “I don’t play,” we would either interpret this to mean that he did not understand the game, or that he had an aversion to it which arose from economic, ethical, or other reasons. Let us imagine, however, that an honorable man, who was known to possess every possible skill in the game, and who was well versed in its rules and its forbidden tricks, but who could like a game and participate in it only when it was an innocent pastime, were invited into a company of clever swindlers, who were known as good players and to whom he was equal on both scores, to join them in a game. If he said, “I do not play,” we would have…

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post-conceptual paradox

There is post-conceptual paradox  or rather the diverse discrimination. 
As an example of Zizek, no doubts that he is spamming agent connected to the
general simulacra generator. There is no single concept built by Zizek, as well as there is no any aesthetic attached. Thoughts and poetry free, the flows of Zizek  so-called thoughts give only roundabout on themes and topics of the mainstream agenda.
Thus, sex in the big city is key to Zizek cheap philosophizing. Slovenian imitator  just simply paves the road to his poorly structured and loosely camouflaged inner pretensions to enter into the zone of pop-stars circle which is only available for Zizek carrier path.
He has been paraphrasing, appropriating and simply digesting the thoughts and researches of others to whom he does not even pay adequate tribute since he has ones been called a philosopher.
Yet, the simple attention to his treatises uncovers rather straightforwardly the agitation to transmit transgressive semi-constructs and cods slightly re-fashioned from those bombardments of mass-media propaganda…

See the the blog Fuck Theory Q&A
More importantly, and the reason I mentioned Badiou and Zizek specifically, is that of all the disgusting, self-serving academics out there, those who take Marx’s name in vain and pose as ‘revolutionary thinkers’ while milking the system of every cent it’s worth are, in my opinion, the most vile and worthy of painful death.  If you’re a Romanticist, say, maybe you’re not contributing much to the world, but neither are you properly claiming to…

Peter Osborne – Contemporary art is post-conceptual art – 9 July 2010

XVI Advanced Course in Visual Arts – 2010
Contemporary art is post-conceptual art
Public lecture by Peter Osborne
9 July 2010

Also it can be real difficulties with comprehension of what Osborne is actually talking about- concept, contemporary, conditions,unity, collectivization and then again concept conditions and pre=conditions, and post+conditions and, most importantly, propositions and propositions again. What is post-conceptual art then?  Post -conceptual worth to be translated as anti- conceptual detection of applied cognition. However, Osborne makes his way round and far from the sharply eyed dissection…



Dancing Nothing: Revival of a Proto-Conceptual Artist

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Valeska Gert (1892-1978), the most influential 20th century performance artist you’ve never heard of, danced traffic jams, car accidents, slow movie cuts, boxers, babies, orgasms, and most radically, nothing.

In a 1920s performance that was often repeated but only documented in a single photograph, Gert entertained Berlin cinema audiences during the pause between reels by dancing… the Pause itself. Posed in front of a curtain, arms stretched above her head and completely still, Gert managed to put conceptual brackets around “nothing” some thirty years before John Cage would compose his “groundbreaking” silent piece, “4’33””.

The quiet of “Pause” allows a cacophony of ideas and concepts to crowd in. Could there, perhaps, be a comment in there on the neurasthenia caused by the sudden acceleration of everything? Or a recognition of the bewildering difference between a still body in the flesh, and the moving body onscreen? Maybe it is ideas…

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The Virus of language -Postconceptual intoxication


notion of nothingness and life absurdity accommodates perfectly within any concepts and certainly become their yet disguised essence – the deary of unknowns  

The Virus of language installed into the human beings seems could not ever be interrupted  with its destructive activity -asking and producing answers, explaining and re-explaining, writing and overwriting. Endlessness of the text whether written or spoken engulfs all possibilities of non-language development by cutting thinker off from doing other way round. The aim of constantly growing hypertext is to oppress and discipline, to build and maintain inescapable fatality of so-called communication through the addressing it to the core level of existence.

One can define the concept as a packaged configuration conjuring the words or visuals, which  were both conceived inside the virulent language machine. Attention! There is no mistake in stressing that visuals used in the context of concept creation rather are integral parts of the discourse or otherwise operational of the latter -much to the same extent as words are. Thus we have no hesitation to suggest that the concepts are complicated infectious constructs destined to deliver malicious cod to the recipient. So far, if the concept construction is assemblage of sophisticated structure by using linguistic components as a row material, than the finalized concept inescapably possess, in comparison with their constituents, “contamination” of much higher degree.

notion of nothingness and life absurdity accommodates perfectly within any concepts and certainly become their yet disguised essence

The Conceptual and now Post-conceptual art are just names given to another names where the naming itself is process of production of a signifying chain,  which is triggered by the Virus bothering activity.

All art works at some point are conceptual, and all concepts are artistic but, in fact, they both are instantiated by descriptive machine thus post -conceptual  would easy be post -artistic, which perhaps means simply overriding by the cods of meaninglessness of life and its purposeless purpose. To such an extent, paradoxically, there is no conceptual or post-conceptual as such but constantly changing configuration, which is sought to decode and recode the mindset. But it is appropriate to ask what is mindset than? The probable answer is –the virus’ accommodation versus the virtual spot where they exchange, trade, and form the associations. Such a platform is deeply impacted by the virulence since the very moment of its inauguration and there is no single reason to suppose that independence of mindset has ever been existed. Yet ,the all stated above is just an attempt to understand the complexity of impossibility to comprehend the old paradigm of existence and its manifesting emanations. Post-conceptual, than, could be post-linguistic where the remains of vocabulary might be able to present images of non-linguistic origin…

By Addressing our investigation towards the sexual practices we want to recollect the assumption that there is biologically predominated behavior induced by inescapable order. Rather, if we take a view from the post-conceptual perspective, the sexual can become something else but certainly something, which is disconnected from the reproduction. So far, sexual becomes intersexual, which evolves into hyper-sexual and they altogether become a mixture of the surfaces where the data is recorded. There is nothing but sexual molded as a “field trip” with certain qualities attached. However, this “trip” is endless during to which fields, surfaces, micro and macro conglomerates. points, dots, lines, knots, assemblages, communities, dyad and triads are exchange, intercept, connect and disconnect, mutually penetrate, imbue in a way never seen before and with result which could not be predicted but just expected to be erratic. Thus we claim post conceptual as a chaotic encounter of multiplicity detached from itself and toxic by its nature. Toxicity of the post-conceptual is not a homogenized rather it is emerged sporadically throughout all available channels and spots without any logic or schemes. Therefore post-conceptual does not belong to the language as it is not a name given or concept pronounced rather it is a sound, a painful cry coming out of intermingled surfaces of sensitivity called sexuality that manifest the bodies inner and outer existence through their enfolding and unfolding as surfaces perplexed.


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