We are here to be free

“Nero, the Roman emperor renowned for debauchery and extravagance, is said to have fiddled while Rome burnt. Fast forward a couple of millennia, and little seems to have changed”..

Grim consequences of centuries of rampant corruption, continuous aggressive reduction of cognitive capacities, absence of any goals but worshiping to greed resulted on widespread spiritual and mental disability that brings so-called civilization to the point of no-return…

Despite of no-ending assault Conscious being is free by nature and must be treated as such. There is no way round. If someone does otherwise and prepares heavy chains for the people, such project is destined to fail dramatically with inevitable certainty.

The age of knowledge is proclaimed. The knowledge is not a set of instructions and memorization of so-called facts taught in the schools. The knowledge is a bridge stretched in multiple directions connecting known with unknown. The knowledge constantly evolves, it is nomadic and unpredictable, and there is no end in pursuance of knowledge. To be free means to be on the eternal path towards the knowledge. Wisdom is not the goal of this journey but it is prerequisite to become an impeccable traveler.

Knowledge cannot be learned through education as it can be obtained only through the search instigated by the will to know 

Now we should recollect all vocabulary given to us by the self proclaimed so-called order of things.

This includes the word “education “ which describes the way of bringing forth and up someone in accordance with existing paradigm. To say precisely, education is an introduction followed by accommodation into the closed artificial zone of preexisting societal order. As soon as this order came through education, it turns to be false in itself.  

One should recognize that in such configuration where the order triggers education and later produces order all doors are locked, all free spaces are sealed, all channels are almost blocked, and all cracks in the walls are constantly checked and filled up. The system is always expanding inward, making pressure unbearable.   This is architecture of prison whereas so-called education is a set of mandatory instructions designed to get along with prison rules, prescriptions, and conditions. No doubts that such conditions have nothing in common with path to knowledge.

For someone who wants to see the world free of detention encampments loaded by machines of all sorts and inundated by various types of toxicity, for those who want the world that breath fully and lives naturally we need to introduce (or reintroduce) simple method of seeing and hearing the things directly without the interruptible intrusion of monstrous transformer called education. Instructions given by this leviathan command you to see only substitutes of life wrapped into the concrete, metal and glass, wired and piped, motorized and processed, artificially enhanced by widespread electrification, reduced to the metabolic interaction between sender and receiver.

The life is incomprehensible enigma; it is not possible to explain, detect or determine. The essence of Life is not dissectable therefore no one can have legitimacy to claim that life is just a manifestation of psycho-physiological process.  However, we must assume that there is intended severe reduction of full spectrum of comprehension to dwarfish misery of materialistic duality.    Therefore, instead of conditioning called education followed by abusive training aiming to form a subject inscribed in to the protocol, conscious being must rediscover its connection with infinite source of knowledge and become a perpetual learner. In other words, learning is the life in itself -a straightforward encounter with mysterious occurrence of being. Thus, in order to proceed, we should free up our see sight from thick haze and start learning how to know and know how to learn.

Opt for discovery instead of so-called creativity

Once, the word “creativity” was designated by “the order of things” to be a corporate code-name for parasitic function that in its core is hijacking the natural capacity of procuring knowledge from the infinity. The prospect of such “creativity” is to locate and then redirect the authentic potential of conscious being in order to be used in schemes and structures that have only purpose to serve the protocols of the machines with no other goal but constant machine undertake. Colossal industry works because its engine being fueled by the energy extracted from those to whom this machine supposes to serve. It produces nothing but countless layers of deceptions and traps. This machine must be stopped by our intention Instead of lies followed by another set of lies that followed by the distraction and death and altogether succeeded by yet new lies we should stop this vicious circulation and pursue discovery leading to knowledge followed by the new discovery and knowledge.   This path will make us stronger and teach us to be invincible. This path with a heart stays against the eviscerated deceptive path paved by lies headed to nowhere. 

The Drum of infinity

A Map is an eye holding the hand with charcoal

The journey begins,

The hot wind blows,

Listen to things as they are…

Go to the desert,

See the land of dry suns melting the stones

Where caves are empty and dark

Insects are hidden wrapped into a whisper,

Where dreams are coming out of intense light,

Thoughts have nothing of themselves

Like names without words,

Like words without names..

This machine came to the fruition

Once the sky was low,

And rain made things dissolved..

The earth was a wave in the ocean of eternal fish

And water was a liquid sand…

A map is an eye holding the hand with charcoal

As bonfire draws symbols –

Sand, ocean, desert, liquid sun drips on your head..

Walk through the garden of stones,

Through the forest of big green leaves..

Notes are written on the surface

Lightened up by the candlelight of underground temple..

Knots, and paths, and arrows of unknown directions

Intertwined on the skin of giant

That holds the engraved sketch of enormous travel..

A Map is everything one can get –

Picture of extreme details

Emerges from the sand-dust that makes eyes blind..

Those who call themselves humans,

Their eyes made out of sand –

Shall take small stones out and put water instead,

Bring the fire and make the water burn..

This is the way to get vision –

Hands and eyes are the same..

Draw your map from air

Stepping on the sand of odds,

On the stones of evaporated times,

Taking plants as roads from within to without..

Escape the trap of codes and chains –

Intend to will

And will to intend…

Free Map drafted infinitely

Smash the walls and breathe the energy

The dust is thick,

The head is covered

By drops of water,

The body is naked

Now it is time to act..

One goes through the plane,

There are no mountains around..

Horizon is foggy,

There is no sun

But clouds of yellow smog..


There is no such thing as loneliness,

No one can be with someone too..

There is no even one..

They are shadows of yellow sun

Dissolved in the green smoke..

Freedom is here and nowhere,

Fly across the sky

Run, jump and swim –

Freedom is the will to act

Without saying a word

Without thinking a thought,

Freedom is to live the life

As it is –

No thoughts –

Use intention to know things as they are..

Speaking resembles a haze,

Do not use script

Hijacked by brats –

Draw your vision instead..

Meanings and notions are constructed

In the cage of destitute –

Smash the walls and breath the energy..

See without eyes,

Talk without lips –

The yellow sky will turn inside out,

The sun will burn the hole

In their empty heads..

The power is here

In the limitless realm of freedom,

Destiny is yours…

The sun moves slowly

Two steps forward and one step back make three steps toward the goal..

Spirit of breath evokes the power to proceed,

Falling down is not an option if the heartbeat pushes the body forward..

The sun moves slowly, the sky covers the runner


Silence can cry

Silence can cry-


Beast like-

Cutting your skin..

Your soul,

Your body-

Stabbing your heart

Blade goes in and out…


Disappear and appear

Trough your piercing scream

While it is getting louder,

As avalanche of sound-

The real will be called up by an unreal..

Must be nailed into the head-

The enemy is everywhere and nowhere,

Should become invisible and cry silence out-

This is a victory over shadows

Scream your body

Cry your mind

Spirit will be revealed

SHmmman of the woods

The beast is hungry but dead


All are waste – each thing that has a name,

No questions – the big one is a small one,

No senses – they all must be reintroduced,

No feelings – the blast is enormous,

No fear – empty body has no response..

Soon the edifice of garbage will be dissolved,

The power is everywhere – catch it to proceed..


There is a fake flower of existence

It never begs for an end..

Many nods on the thread,

Many impasses on the road,

The one who travel

Cannot be stopped,

The map of thousands sparkles

Makes one stumbled..


The beast is hungry but dead

There is no time

Throat and tongue work together

To make things empty..

Draw the circle on the send

When all roads are blocked

When all roads are blocked

When all trees are fenced

When all clouds are toxic

Ask your intention to break the wall..

See the blossom of freedom

Hear the steps of coming giants

Make your brain obsolete

Put your heart instead

Draw the line and build up the new road

And Go..

Nothing but battle:

everywhere in everything…

Verses of war

This fierce battle for knowledge

We are here to intent

There is nothing but action

Freedom is will

See the essence of things

Not the words of their description..

We are here to win

This fierce battle for knowledge

Our breathing is life

We do not need any digital storage..

No more desert, everything is full

Nothing can stop unstoppable

No doubts,

The creation is yours..

One big leap forward,

Backward and outward-

Any directions are here,

We do not say that they are one-

They are many..

To remove perception as one know it-

Remove knowing itself..

Lines are straight and curvy,

Smog is black and white,

Doesn’t matter

If the high priest is empty pot,

One wants must will..

Will is a line..

Cross the great water with strength-

Other world is in your intention..

The heart must be free

Than intention come in,

The way with heart is the way with love..

Wings are short and long

Nothing can stop unstoppable..

Wu is one among us,

Wu is the water inside the stone,

Wu can do and undo, there are no obstacles..

Head without head-action

Stupidity is a norm,

Norm is stupid,

Uncover the essence of stupidity –

It is an operation..

One should embrace stupidity as only

Source for everything..

For those who want annihilate the life –

Thinking is just presumption to have one,

Planning and proceeding are pure nonsense

That concocted somewhere in abstract faraway from the dust..

They cannot prove or disprove that there is life,

As they do not know what is life in itself..

Names and only names,

Naming the names which in turn name the names of other names..

Life is unknown, it comes from nothing, and goes to nothing,

It is a miracle inside another miracle,

No one can destroy the absence of an absence

But names..

The battle is here-the warrior is ready,

We have shields and swords, we have our bodies covered by unknown..

The dead ones scripted the scripts with names on,

The dry sound of their empty words make us feel the abyss..

Step by step

We go ahead

Without any fear and regret..

We are fully equipped

With intention and will..

Clouds and fog are everywhere,

Light and transparency is our allies..

Imagination is not the cure for the blindness,

The body must go by itself,

When the head is empty

The vision is clear..

Distraction is a way to concur the week soul –

Never think in words,

They are not stay for any sources,

They name something,

They call things into existence,

They invent notions and meanings,

They build up things out of nothing –

We should use our stupidity instead,

The body will show the way

For those who make themselves fool..

We know nothing,

We can say anything but it is nothing,


“Head without head”