When ears went out


When there is no mind,

When ears went out,

When sleepless souls

are wondering across the dry land,

When the hand is running

for line row,

The crazy madman

is writing a poem…


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The moon-on the sky of dream…


The moon-

-on the sky

of dream…

You are alone

on the bridge

across emptiness…

Those thought

was screwed

by eyes…

The legs were tired

to run…

The roads walked

and called for endlessness….


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The Fool who is living in this world


Nothing is known …

I am touching the Sky,

I am kissing the Earth,

I am swimming in deep water-

-The Fool who is living in this world-

-The piece of shit……

…..And Stars….

Put your eyes in water and wash them


Wake up,

Cut off your mind,

Put your eyes in water

And wash them-

-Never cry…



-It scans

With icy cold

Of Death…

Snaky hands move their heads



Apertures of eyes,

Snaky hands

Move their heads,

Do their shakes…

Here it is-

-In inside

And within-

-Another world…

The darkness of holes-



To live in and to swim through


The ocean is breathing,

The mouth is shut down –


The bird is crying-


The Lonely night,

Another one is given to you

To live in and to swim through…

With salt on the face

And tear on the cheek

To live… more and more..

Unseeing horizon of endless sky,

Dust and sprinkles of water…


Three bodies of the Outsider


There are three presumably human bodies

Outsider has many faces. One should take a deep breath in order to attempt understanding of not understandable. One would become an outsider,  one would keep up with strange creatures, one would put mask on his face..One would need at least three body identities to hide the real purpose of travel… That is the only way to go through the harsh perplexity of the eternal absurdity…