Three bodies of the Outsider


There are three presumably human bodies

Outsider has many faces. One should take a deep breath in order to attempt understanding of not understandable. One would become an outsider,  one would keep up with strange creatures, one would put mask on his face..One would need at least three body identities to hide the real purpose of travel… That is the only way to go through the harsh perplexity of the eternal absurdity…

Perplexed and mutated


Get ready for the next! Perplexed and mutated are here, the conscious is out of the control, limbs are making figures but not otherwise… Fathers are eating themselves with salt and pepper but without any sauce…




hell new1

Biology of Cry

Bio Cry



Language of non-existence

Endlessness of the text whether written or spoken engulfs all possibilities of non-language development by cutting thinker off from doing other way round. The aim of constantly growing hypertext is to oppress and discipline, to build and maintain inescapable fatality of so-called communication through the addressing it to the non-existence.

notion of nothingness and life absurdity accommodates perfectly within any concepts and certainly become their yet disguised essence