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Biology of Cry

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Johann Hamann’s “Anti-Philosophy”

The word anti means pro if one can afford to look from outside.
There is nothing to be against but a lot to be changed…

Contemporary art is post-conceptual art ?


Also it can be real difficulties with comprehension of what Osborne is actually talking about- concept, contemporary, conditions,unity, collectivization and then again concept conditions and pre=conditions, and post+conditions and, most importantly, propositions and propositions again. What is post-conceptual art then?  Post -conceptual worth to be translated as anti- conceptual detection of applied cognition. However, Osborne makes his way round and far from the sharply eyed dissection…

Language of non-existence

Endlessness of the text whether written or spoken engulfs all possibilities of non-language development by cutting thinker off from doing other way round. The aim of constantly growing hypertext is to oppress and discipline, to build and maintain inescapable fatality of so-called communication through the addressing it to the non-existence.

notion of nothingness and life absurdity accommodates perfectly within any concepts and certainly become their yet disguised essence



One or two,

Forms and bodies,

Gender and sex,

Execution and persecution,

Motion and mind-

Box is dark-

Try your visions go through-

Post-humans are knocking the door….


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